Source code for nisystemlink.clients.tag._tag_data_update

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Implementation of TagDataUpdate."""

from typing import Any, Dict, Iterable, Optional, Tuple

from nisystemlink.clients import tag as tbase
from typing_extensions import final

[docs]@final class TagDataUpdate: """Contains information for updating parts of a tag's metadata on the server when used with the :meth:`TagManager.update()` method. The update can add keywords, add new properties, change the value of existing properties, modify the collect aggregates setting, and modify retention settings. To remove a keyword or property, pass the entire :class:`TagData` to the :meth:`TagManager.update()` method instead. """ def __init_subclass__(cls) -> None: raise TypeError("type 'TagDataUpdate' is not an acceptable base type")
[docs] def __init__( self, path: str, data_type: tbase.DataType, keywords: Optional[Iterable[str]] = None, properties: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None, ) -> None: """Initialize an update of a tag's keywords and/or properties. Keywords and properties included in the update that are missing from the tag's metadata on the server are added, and properties that exist with a different value are replaced. At least one of ``keywords`` or ``properties`` must be specified. Args: path: The path of the tag to update. data_type: The data type of the tag to update. keywords: The list of keywords that will be added to the tag's metadata on the server, or None to not add any keywords. properties: The properties that will be added to or replaced in the tag's metadata on the server, or None to not modify any properties. Raises: ValueError: if ``path`` is None. ValueError: if both ``keywords`` and ``properties`` are None. """ if path is None: raise ValueError("path cannot be None") self._path = path self._data_type = data_type if keywords is None and properties is None: raise ValueError( "Must specify at least one of keywords or properties to update" ) self._keywords = list(keywords) if keywords is not None else None self._properties = None # type: Optional[Dict[str, str]] if properties is not None: self._properties = dict(properties) self._collect_aggregates = None # type: Optional[bool]
[docs] @classmethod def from_tagdata( cls, data: tbase.TagData, fields: tbase.TagUpdateFields ) -> "TagDataUpdate": """Create an update by taking one or more fields from a :class:`TagData`. Args: data: The metadata to send to the server in the update. fields: One or more fields to include in the update. Raises: ValueError: if ``data`` is None. ValueError: if ``fields`` has no fields or invalid fields. """ if data is None: raise ValueError("data cannot be None") if fields == 0: raise ValueError("Must specify at least one field to update") if (tbase.TagUpdateFields.ALL & fields) != fields: raise ValueError("Invalid field specified") obj = cls.__new__(cls) obj._path = data.path obj._data_type = data.data_type obj._keywords = None obj._properties = None obj._collect_aggregates = None if fields & tbase.TagUpdateFields.KEYWORDS and data.keywords: obj._keywords = list(data.keywords) if fields & tbase.TagUpdateFields.PROPERTIES and obj._properties = dict( if fields & tbase.TagUpdateFields.RETENTION: if obj._properties is None: obj._properties = {} data._copy_retention_properties(obj._properties) if fields & tbase.TagUpdateFields.COLLECT_AGGREGATES: obj._collect_aggregates = data.collect_aggregates return obj
def to_json_dict(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: if self.data_type == tbase.DataType.UNKNOWN: raise ValueError("Invalid tag data type") data = { "path": tbase.TagPathUtilities.validate(self._path), "type": self._data_type.api_name, } # type: Dict[str, Any] if self._keywords is not None: data["keywords"] = self._keywords if self._properties is not None: data["properties"] = self._properties if self._collect_aggregates is not None: data["collectAggregates"] = self._collect_aggregates return data @property def collect_aggregates(self) -> Optional[bool]: # noqa: D401 """The :attr:`TagData.collect_aggregates` setting to send with the update, or None to not send a value.""" return self._collect_aggregates @property def data_type(self) -> tbase.DataType: # noqa: D401 """The data type for the tag's values.""" return self._data_type @property def keywords(self) -> Optional[Tuple[str, ...]]: # noqa: D401 """The list of keywords to send with the update, or None to not send any keywords.""" return tuple(self._keywords) if self._keywords is not None else None @property def path(self) -> str: # noqa: D401 """The tag's path, which uses a dot-separated hierarchy to uniquely identify the tag on the server.""" return self._path @property def properties(self) -> Optional[Dict[str, str]]: # noqa: D401 """The properties send with the update, or None to not send any properties.""" if self._properties: return dict(self._properties) else: return None