Source code for nisystemlink.clients.dataframe.models._table_metadata

from datetime import datetime
from typing import Dict, List

from nisystemlink.clients.core._uplink._json_model import JsonModel

from ._column import Column

[docs]class TableMetadata(JsonModel): """Contains information about a table, including its properties and column definitions.""" columns: List[Column] """The list of columns in the table.""" created_at: datetime """The date and time the table was created.""" id: str """The table's unique identifier.""" metadata_modified_at: datetime """The date and time the table's metadata was last modified.""" metadata_revision: int """The table's metadata revision number, incremented each time the metadata is modified.""" name: str """The name associated with the table.""" properties: Dict[str, str] """User-defined properties associated with the table.""" row_count: int """The number of rows in the table.""" rows_modified_at: datetime """The date and time the table's data was last modified.""" supports_append: bool """Whether the table supports appending additional rows of data.""" workspace: str """The workspace the table belongs to."""