Source code for nisystemlink.clients.dataframe.models._modify_tables_request

from typing import Dict, List, Optional

from nisystemlink.clients.core._uplink._json_model import JsonModel

[docs]class TableMetadataModification(JsonModel): """Contains the metadata properties to modify. Values not included in the request or included with a ``None`` value will remain unchanged. """ id: str """The ID of the table to modify.""" metadata_revision: Optional[int] = None """When specified, this is an integer that must match the last known revision number of the table, incremented by one. If it doesn't match the current ``metadataRevision`` incremented by one at the time of execution, the modify request will be rejected with a conflict error. This is used to ensure that changes to this table's metadata are based on a known, previous state.""" name: Optional[str] = None """The new name of the table.""" workspace: Optional[str] = None """The new workspace for the table. Changing the workspace requires permission to delete the table in its current workspace and permission to create the table in its new workspace.""" properties: Optional[Dict[str, Optional[str]]] = None """The properties to modify. A map of key value properties containing the metadata to be added or modified. Setting a property value to ``None`` will delete the property. Existing properties not included in the map are unaffected unless replace is true in the top-level request object."""
[docs]class ModifyTablesRequest(JsonModel): """Contains one or more table modifications to apply.""" tables: List[TableMetadataModification] """The table modifications to apply. Each table may only appear once in the list.""" replace: Optional[bool] = None """When true, existing properties are replaced instead of merged."""