Source code for nisystemlink.clients.dataframe.models._api_info

from nisystemlink.clients.core._api_info import Operation
from nisystemlink.clients.core._uplink._json_model import JsonModel

[docs]class OperationsV1(JsonModel): """The operations available in the routes provided by the v1 HTTP API.""" create_tables: Operation """The ability to create new data tables.""" delete_tables: Operation """The ability to delete tables and all of their data.""" modify_metadata: Operation """The ability to modify metadata for tables.""" list_tables: Operation """The ability to locate and read metadata for tables.""" read_data: Operation """The ability to query and read data from tables.""" write_data: Operation """The ability to append rows of data to tables."""
[docs]class ApiInfo(JsonModel): """Information about the available API operations.""" operations: OperationsV1