Source code for nisystemlink.clients.core._api_exception

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Implementation of ApiException."""

import typing
from typing import Optional

from nisystemlink.clients import core

[docs]class ApiException(Exception): """Represents errors that occur when calling SystemLink APIs."""
[docs] def __init__( self, message: Optional[str] = None, error: Optional[core.ApiError] = None, http_status_code: Optional[int] = None, inner: Optional[Exception] = None, ) -> None: """Initialize an exception. Args: message: The message describing the error. error: The error returned by the API. http_status_code: The HTTP status code, if this exception was the result of an HTTP error. inner: The inner exception that caused the error. """ self._message = message self._error = error self._http_status_code = http_status_code self._inner = inner
@property def message(self) -> Optional[str]: # noqa:D401 """The error message.""" return self._message @property def error(self) -> Optional[core.ApiError]: # noqa: D401 """The error information returned by the SystemLink API, or None if the API did not return one or the error occurred trying to call the API. """ if self._error is None: return None else: return self._error.copy() @property def http_status_code(self) -> Optional[int]: # noqa: D401 """The HTTP status code, if this exception was the result of an HTTP error.""" return self._http_status_code @property def inner_exception(self) -> Optional[Exception]: # noqa: D401 """The exception that caused this failure, if any.""" return self._inner def __str__(self) -> str: txt = self._message or "API exception occurred" if self._error: txt += "\n\n" + str(self._error) return txt def __eq__(self, other: object) -> bool: other_ = typing.cast(ApiException, other) return all( ( isinstance(other, ApiException), self._message == other_._message, self._error == other_._error, self._http_status_code == other_._http_status_code, self._inner == other_._inner, ) ) def __hash__(self) -> int: return hash((self._message, self._error, self._inner))